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Nov 4, 2013 4:00am PST
's first place people it's technology that allowed these trains to run it up to two hundred and ten km run attracted attention worldwide the issue to celebrate set the maximum speed of two hundred and seventy km making the one hundred and fifty two was a tiff between tokyo osaka. in just two hours and twenty five the original frequency of these core speed trains also continues to increase. during the tour to rush no one train that leaves every two minutes the news every two minutes thirty seconds. we strain to bottle some reputation for safety to believe tone in his tube and it was between zero cost to retell it unique japanese teachers to improve passenger comfort. you can see that sweet little treats the direction in which the stream became first a new lease proposal to increase various new technologies were developed to combat the train passes to a tumble it pushes the call of their infants. which makes a very loud noise when it emerges from the opening to reduce this effect should the trains moments such as weakness this runs smoothly over along with a streamlined. it should say resist
Nov 2, 2013 5:30am PDT
to this new technology we use purifies the welcome to assist you to do smell of the mentalist to make our final projects a skewer and our original as possible. time is running out on this show or a fat which commenced in november the fall. fans of pink lady doesn't hire me. more volatile cctv. well what a collection that i am with that we come to the end of this edition of the ctv news i know my money invading think the company he said the eye. you know. lulu. eye i am. in it. i will the cz he knew who will. will you the ira. lloyd james to get into to welcome to this hour's news line. japanese and russian leaders are searching for ways to build closer ties between their countries. both countries have agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in security affairs including joint military exercises against terrorism and piracy when mr cool new cheetah and defence mr dixon rodeo muldoon of dependent their russian
Nov 4, 2013 5:30am PST
an impossible illusion by seeking to develop this island nuclear technology while expanding its economy to be democratic republic of congo now wear them twenty three rebels have reportedly declared a new ceasefire georgia's news agency says the rebels want oaks in kampala to continue the announcement came despite congolese troops intensifying their military campaign against the group correspondence to the phrase has been traveling with a specialist un peacekeeping brigade in the east of the country and she filed this report the drill. he says he wins first peacekeeping team assigned to carry out targeted operations the force intervention brigade is a specialized unit made up of more than three thousand south african tanzanian and the green troops. they are heavily armed and manged to conduct offensive scheme aimed to guard against an escalation in eastern congo is ongoing war and keeping rebels out of the eastern capital goma joel mchale. on a sunday morning is to allow him to miss out on a routine patrol covered the twenty kilometer radius around the list for renters. the bomb. they c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3